Ballerina Girl

Coley in her Ballet Costume

Coley in her jazz costume

My eldest daughter, Coley has been taking dance lessons for 4 years. For the last three years she has taken lessons at the Y in Kittanning from Miss Rita, the same dance teacher that I did 20 years ago! Her dance recital was last month and I’ve been a little bit slow in getting this blog out, but you know what they say… Better late than never!

Coley and Mama

My mom was the main reason that Coley was able to take dance lessons. She selflessly picked her up and took her to every lesson. Coley loved her time to have her Mama all to her self. And honestly I loved that they had this as their “thing” together. I remember when my mom took me to the same Y, with the same teacher, in the same studio. I think that it was really neat for her to be able to do the samething with my daughter. It is a unique bond that the two of them will always have.

Miss Rita, Coley’s teacher
The picture above is Miss Rita, Coley’s teacher. She is such a sweetie and a great teacher. But the truly amazing thing is that Miss Rita is 84 years old…or should I say years young! She is in amazing shape and can do things that I can only imagine doing! If I am in this kind of shape when I turn 35, I’ll be thrilled!

Here is a link to short video of Coley’s jazz dance…ENJOY!


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